Is C++ 17 Released?

C++ is on a three-year release schedule,

with C++23 the next planned standard in December 2023

Meet C++ 23

  • Library support for coroutines
  • A stacktrace library (), based on Boost.Stacktrace
  • Literal suffixes for std::size_t and the corresponding signed type
  • Modular standard library
  • The header , for interoperability with C atomics
  • Removing unnecessary empty parameter list () from lambda expressions

About C++

C++ is a general-purpose programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup.
Language C++ is written with almost the same syntaxis as C, and that is because C++ was developed in 1979 as an extension to C.

The language is extremely powerful because it supports different forms of programming, being it procedural (like its parent language C), but also object-oriented like Java, one can also implement functional programming, which is extremely versatile and makes it a powerful tool for game coders, browser developers (such as Google!), as well as operating systems as a whole. C++ is a relatively popular language, it is often said that learning C++ will make it far easier for the average programmer to get into Python, Java, or other mainstream programming languages.

C++ is extremely interesting, starting from the way it was born, just as an extension to its parent C. It began just adding object manipulation properties, which made it akin to an object-oriented programming language. Then, other features were added which made C++ close to other programming paradigms like structured programming. One can say that C++ is a language that belongs to multiple paradigms, which makes it extremely unique and powerful to many different developers across broad technology industries. C++ also has the characteristic of it being a high-level language, with the option of speaking directly to the operating system, which makes it very efficient even with its constantly updating advanced features other languages simply do not offer.


The latest release of C++ came out to the public in December 2020. This release was quite major, removing some obsolete features and functions, and adding many new functionalities, operators, and features. The previous version was C++17, released in 2017. Nowadays, we work with C++20, with no clear date for the next release or revision, not expected until a couple of years from the present 2021.